Dusty Dog Buggy Rentals

"First Peoples Expedition"

First Peoples Expedition leads you over Casner Mountain back into Secret Canyon where you get breathe taking views of the cliffs, painted vibrant colors by metal sediments in the soil and rainwater cascading off the cliffs. As you go deeper into Secret Canyon 800 yr old cliff dwellings dot the sides of the canyon. Wildlife is abundant in this area elk, deer, coyotes, javalina, mountain lions, and many of native wildlife. 

*Not Offered In Winter Due To Safety Concerns 

"Eagle Eye Expedition"

The Eagle Eye Expedition takes you up old Shnebly Hill Rd. named after the towns founder. This road was used for many years by Cowboys, Outlaws, Lawmen, Miners, and Snake Oil Salesmen as they would travel through Sedona to Flagstaff. The road takes you through dramatic changes in elevation as you travel over 4000ft above sea level. The views will give you the closest thing to soaring like an eagle over the painted canyons of Sedona. 


"The Way Of The Outlaw Expedition"

The Way Of The Outlaw Expedition takes you back in time to the days of the Wild West as you travel the same footsteps Arizona outlaws are said to have once traveled as they fled from the law after robbing banks in Sedona and Verde Valley. The trail leads you to "Robbers Roost" also known as "Shaman Point" which was thought by some as a location for Native Americans to practice religious ceremonies until eventually outlaws came to use it as a hideout. The shape and structure of the mountain would give them the ability to see a Sheriff posse coming from far enough away to make a quick getaway into the nearby Sycamore Creek area.